16 May 2014

Paper Island

I'm doing a story for a magazine, and yesterday it brought me to the new food mekka in Copenhagen; Papirøen (Paper Island). Until a few months ago, the big industrial spaces on the tiny island were filled with rolls of paper used to print newspapers and magazines. Now, the space is filled with old containers and self-built wooden boxes inhabited by chefs and foodies making delicious street food. I feel Copenhagen has needed a space like that, and it was a great joy visiting, tasting and talking to the passionate people in their colourful kitchens. Plus, looking at the harbour is something truly wonderful. Papirøen is easily reached by bike through Christianshavn, by bus (9A) or by harbour buss (993). Especially the latter is a majestic way to arrive.
Before going into food mekka, I swung by Henrik Vibskov's new coffee bar, Den Plettede Gris (Trangravsvej 5, Papirøen) for a cortado. The place is decorated in true Vibskov style with interesting ornaments and details, and the coffee was good.
The old containers look so neat, especially this one with old white wooden windows attached to it.
They had covered an entire wall in old shells (!).
I took the harbour buss back to mainland, and I couldn't resist a quick selfie by the water.
Nyhavn was covered in tourists as usual, but there's still something about that stretch that gets me every time.

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