31 March 2013


Right now; my window is open, I can hear children playing in the street and life being lived somewhere outside. I'm listening to my 'spring' playlist (MØ, Charli XCX, Beach House, Purity Ring...), cleaning my room and drinking coffee. Also singing a little bit. It's Sunday, it's great. Have a good one!

30 March 2013

Olly's catwalk party

Yesterday, we gathered at Olly's place downtown; there was a red carpet and devilish drinks, and everyone was expected to strut down the 'runway' while people photographed and applauded. I think all us girls felt a little second class compared to the gays. Wow! It was all about posing, and the cameras flashed endlessly. Including mine...

27 March 2013


I've been in a bad mood for days now, so I needed to clear my head today. I walked my anger off with music in my ears, walking up and down Parc Avenue, writing notes in a book and looking at things. It helped a little bit.

25 March 2013


Phew, this weekend involved lots of alcohol... Friday was Efterklang at Il Motore; an amazing show and my first with one of my favourite Danish bands. Saturday morning was driving to a sugar shack, looking at people with cowboy hats, eating pork and maple sirup and drinking (more about that later). We kept on drinking when we got back to Montreal and ended up at our usual spot with Olly and Hui and Sara. Sunday was Easter lunch at Hui's with rye bread imported from the mother land, and some French people as well - so much for intercultural cuisine. And what a weekend!
 2/3 of the Efterklang company.
Some of us were hungover at the Easter lunch yesterday, but Olly kept the spirit high as always.

22 March 2013

Revisiting #1

The other week's post about the past entries you guys click on was really popular, and it's fun for me to be reminded of some of the good memories I've been able to share on this little narcissistic site of mine. So here's another one, I'll make it a frequent round up of old links. Happy Friday out there!
This entry took me back to Berlin last April with the sensational duo, Kirstina and AnCa.
Then there was this one were I visited Denmark two years ago.
And there was the one where I was in Israel.

20 March 2013

The small things

As I'm writing this, the wind gently blows snow off the tree outside my window. It looks like whipped cream glistening in the sun. Yes, the sun pokes its head out of the clouds once in a while. I'm home, doing homework, enjoying the coffee machine in the kitchen, reading, listening to the marvellous Daughter album and talking over the phone with people I miss too much. Here are a few glimpses from the last week:
A week ago, I stopped by the cutest turqoise book shop in Nôtre-Dame-des-Grâces to pick up a book I'm presenting in a class. I love old book shops; the smell, the endless stories and the quirky owners that always look like they never see sunlight.
 The book I'm reading is really good and makes me want to go on adventure; "The Great Railway Bazaar" by Paul Theroux.
 On a snowy Wednesday I went to Arts Café (201 Avenue Fairmount Ouest, Plateau) to meet Hui. We had good coffee, and I had a really good grilled cheese sandwich with onion relish, apple and turkey. Yum.
 On Saturday I went out. On our way to Orphé's place, Christoffer locked himself into a cage inside a beer cage. Canadians protect their beer by locking it up in a huge cage - they're so strange...
On a grey weekend day, Sophie and I went up along Bernard (on the Outremont side - I had never been!) to indulge in this year's first ice cream. I couldn't finish mine, but it tasted like spring. Three days later, the snow fell and kicked us right back to winter. I don't know how much more of that I can take.

18 March 2013


In two months, I'll be back in Berlin, ready to start a new chapter that's both big and frightful and exciting and anticipated. I've tried to hold back on my Berlin-longing; I've talked and written so much about it the last two years, and I feel it's all I ever stand for. Plus, I'm privileged to be here in Montreal, enjoying an adventure and peeking into another place. But at the same time, Berlin is so close, and I can't help thinking about it: about what I'll do there, whether I'll be disappointed after having built up this anticipation for so long. I won't know until I'm there, and I try to not think so much about it and enjoy Montreal instead. It's great here, and I know I'll miss it when I move on to the next chapter. But it's hard. People approach me almost everyday with Berlin stuff; whether they want tips for the city or something, I am constantly confronted with that place. It's good, but it's hard too... A small ramble from a pensive head. The sun is shining here today, and it's nice. All is good, and Berlin will bere there in two months. Until then; Montreal.

16 March 2013

No more snow

 Dear person in charge of weather. I urge you to provide Montreal with some sunshine and warmer temperatures soon. I simply can't take more snow. There's an unwelcome and powerful force within me that bubbles up in volcano-esque rage when I see snowflakes in the air. I want to be able to leave my gloves at home, I want to not have tears running down my face from the cold, I want to have to wear sunglasses everyday. Please let it be spring soon! In the meantime, I dream of the pink blossoms at Kottbusser Tor and spring in Berlin - I'll be there to catch it in two months.