02 March 2013

New York IV: Katz's Deli

It rained, and we needed a refuge, so we took the subway (which I kept calling u-bahn...) down to Houston Street to Katz's Deli; a family-owned deli that's been there for years and years. The walls were furnished with endless photographs of celebrities who dropped by, and the owner came out to say hello. The meat was beyond incredible, but I couldn't finish one sandwich, it was so heavy. But simple too; bread (if you choose the baguette, they will hollow it out to make room for more meat...), a little mustard and lots of meat. I tried the pastrami, it was incredible: no wonder the place is famous. But we nearly died when the guy next to us had both a sandwich, fries and a 1,5 litre cola.
(205 East Houston Street, New York)
You order the food at the counter, and they provide a little sample of your chosen meat so you can decide whether or not to change your order.

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