29 April 2013

Right now

It's 20+ degrees out, the sky is covered in clouds, and there's a light breeze. I just went for coffee; I'm doing an assignment and I needed a break, and then something wonderful happened. The trees have started to green up. Little prickles of nearly fluorescent green are sprinkled over the naked branches. Finally. Finally. Finally.

28 April 2013

New York VII: Cable car over Manhattan

It's been a while but I still have some photos from New York I haven't shown on the blog. I tend to save the best for last - I always make a 'perfect last bite' when I eat for instance - so it's only fitting that the best of New York comes last. Just before the sun went down, Christoffer and I took a cable car from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. A short trip of 5 minutes, but it was my highlight; floating over Manhattan's skyline with an immaculate view over the highrises, the sun just shining on the top floors. Bliss. It was so beautiful, and it was just a ride on the subway card.
The tram leaves Manhattan from 60th Street and 2nd Avenue. 

27 April 2013

The goodbye party

I'm really not good with goodbyes. I hate when good things end, and I don't like saying goodbye to good people. So the goodbye party with Christoffer and Thomas - who are leaving Montreal this weekend - could have ended out in tears. Luckily we just drank the sorrows away and partied and danced all night. Just like it should be with goodbyes - fun, not sad. But I will still miss them.
 Orphé actually started the evening wearing something else, but when he saw Christoffer's floral shirt he hurried home to change accordingly. Good style!
 For some reason, Thomas and I went outside to do a photoshoot....

24 April 2013


These days I'm doing a lot of thinking. My studies are coming to an end, and the scary grown-up life is waiting around the corner. I have no idea what I want to do. A part of me is fed up with journalism, but at the same time I don't feel right if I don't write. I'm tired of school, but I don't feel drawn to a job either. And then there's the geography; I've spent two very long, tiresome years longing for Berlin, and now that the move is within reach, I have begun doubting if that's where I have to go. Will I miss having my friends around? (Yes). Will it be worth it being in Berlin or will I be stuck in a nostalgia bubble? I guess this is exactly what being 25 feels like; longing to go on adventure, but at the same time feeling like you want to settle. Oh mann.

23 April 2013

Weekend vibes + a little from last week

Ahhh, life is good at the moment. I'm enjoying not having to do school assignments (that blissful thing ends in a week, though...), and the weather is finally coming around to sun. The days are slow and full of music, birds singing, coffee dates and a little partying.
 On Monday, we had a roomie dinner in the apartment. John bought snow crab - they are only in season a few weeks each year, and that is right now. I'm usually not a big fan of shellfish but it wasn't bad!
Last week I had coffee in the balcony for the first time.
On Tuesday I met Hui for dinner at Comptoir 21 (21 Rue Saint Viateur Ouest, Mile-End).
Someone drew unicorns on the street at Bernard - the hipster factor goes through the roof.
 On Saturday I met Esben quite spontaneously for a coffee at Brooklyn Café (71 Rue Saint Viateur Est, Mile-End) They had a decent selection of Scandinavian furniture, and the coffee was good.
On our way back, we came by this summery bike. I haven't biked at all in 2013, and I really miss it. Can't wait to be reunited with Dagmar soon.
 After our party on Saturday, the Danes gathered at Hui's once again - this time for snow crab. The idea wasn't fully thought through as we were all suffering heavily from the partying the night before...
So after having eaten a bunch of crab, we moved to the parc nearby where we let the sun stroke our hungover bodies. It was great and very much needed.

22 April 2013

And so it was Saturday again

It can be said like this; Danes, many types of alcohol, a Rick Astley remix, a dark bar, breakdancing, and strange faces.
By far my favourite picture from last night!