08 April 2013


I often forget to post the small things, the glimpses. Here are a few snaps;
 March 20 12.36; I am in my bed soaking up a ray of light, enjoying the noises from the street that penetrate the open window.
 March 21 11.42; I'm in the back of the bus on my way to school. I like the 51 line; it takes so long that I have time to read up on homework or sit with my face pressed against the window, looking at places and people, listening to music.
March 27 16.38; I have a bad day, and I stress-work in the living room, trying to get assignments ready for the following day.
March 29 00.44; I have a well-deserved cocktail after having handed in three assignments on one day.
 March 29 11.30; I eat brunch with Sara, Hui and Olly at Beauty's (93 Mont-Royal Ouest, Plateau)
 April 1 13.01; Christoffer spends his last money on a skateboard.
 April 1 19.15; On our way to the supermarket, Sophie and I swoon over this blue beast.
April 3 10.13; I eat breakfast in bed - an everyday luxury I really really love
 April 3 14.01; After walking around Ste Catherine in the sun, I look at the dotted floor of Peel metro station on my way home.
April 5 12.20; I curl up in bed with coffee and put on my favourite neonred nail polish.
April 5 22.03; Sophie and Maxime at a very drunk French party.

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