23 April 2013

Weekend vibes + a little from last week

Ahhh, life is good at the moment. I'm enjoying not having to do school assignments (that blissful thing ends in a week, though...), and the weather is finally coming around to sun. The days are slow and full of music, birds singing, coffee dates and a little partying.
 On Monday, we had a roomie dinner in the apartment. John bought snow crab - they are only in season a few weeks each year, and that is right now. I'm usually not a big fan of shellfish but it wasn't bad!
Last week I had coffee in the balcony for the first time.
On Tuesday I met Hui for dinner at Comptoir 21 (21 Rue Saint Viateur Ouest, Mile-End).
Someone drew unicorns on the street at Bernard - the hipster factor goes through the roof.
 On Saturday I met Esben quite spontaneously for a coffee at Brooklyn Café (71 Rue Saint Viateur Est, Mile-End) They had a decent selection of Scandinavian furniture, and the coffee was good.
On our way back, we came by this summery bike. I haven't biked at all in 2013, and I really miss it. Can't wait to be reunited with Dagmar soon.
 After our party on Saturday, the Danes gathered at Hui's once again - this time for snow crab. The idea wasn't fully thought through as we were all suffering heavily from the partying the night before...
So after having eaten a bunch of crab, we moved to the parc nearby where we let the sun stroke our hungover bodies. It was great and very much needed.

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