31 March 2014

Last week

So, I went to Jutland last week to finish my assignment at my mother's house. One day took the next, and suddenly I was in Aarhus, back at the journalism school, handing in the article. I spent the next few hours with my brother. He studies in Aarhus, where I also have so many great memories from the days at journalism school. I took him to some of my favourite places, and it was so good to spend some quality time with him.
Stilleben at my mother's house.
On Wednesday, my mom and I had brunch at Aroma (Fonnesbechsgade 14, Herning). It might be slim pickens in that town, but Aroma really adds something with a great brunch and good coffee made on beans from Coffee Collective.
After lunch at my old favourite Aarhus hangout Lynfabrikken (Vestergade 49, Aarhus), we went up on the roof to take in the rays of sun and the roof top view.
In the backyard of Vestergade 58, I made my brother pose in front of these crooked old houses.
We had afternoon coffee at Great Coffee (Klostergade 32H, Aarhus). Soooo good!
And then we walked by my other favourite coffee spot in Aarhus; La Cabra (Graven 20, Aarhus).

29 March 2014

Still here!

I've been busy completing my assignment - handed it in yesterday and it felt great. I am on my way out the door again now, but I'll be back with more visual tales of my recent endeavors! Check out Instagram for more frequent updates. Take care!

24 March 2014

Weekend heaven

I'm just about to hand in my assignment. I'm deep into the whole thing, so tearing out a whole 24 hours from the assignment bubble was risky - thankfully, I spent them well.
Saturday afternoon, my father, AE and I headed to Hillerød, where Sølve, the oldest younger brother, had an exhibition with his art collective, Nørrebro Kunsthus. He displayed some paintings he's done with UV-paint. Very cool!
They also had a 48 hour jam session going...
The artist himself, looking skeptical (a typical facial expression of his).
AE, the smallest one, is growing up so fast. He looked sharp in his new shirt.
Love this photo of the two!
Later, I took the train into Copenhagen to have dinner at AnCa's. We celebrated her birthday, and turning 26 of course meant diving into lots of good old 90s tunes. I guess that's mandatory when you spend the evening with mid-20-somethings...
The birthday girl looked lovely, as always.
The birthday party ended up at Kødbyen, the meatpacking district, where we danced well into the early hours of Sunday.
So, it was with a heavily hungover body, that I went to Nørrebro to have morning coffee with Iben, Mette and Chris, who graced us with a visit from Stockholm, where she lives these days. We slowed down, enjoyed the weather outside, and caught up on current events. It was so great. More of that!

19 March 2014

Assignment life

I'm writing, that's why I'm spending so much time in Denmark these days. Most days look like the one yesterday, with slight alterations as my assignment progresses. But it's going well and I manage to squeeze in some fun stuff as well, like going to Elsinore to check out glasses, or taking a walk with Kristiane in the planned out nature near my father's house. I'm making somewhat surprising plans for the future as well, and trying it out before I unveil so much. The older I get, the more I surprise myself with how I feel about some things, or the decisions I make. Do you ever have that feeling?
Last Tuesday, I went to Copenhagen to have coffee with Thomas, and to have dinner with some of the ladies. The afternoon sun coloured the city in a beautiful soft early-spring light, and I like how the M for Metro adds a contrasted splash to the blue tones.
On Thursday, I went to Elsinore with Kristiane to have coffee at our old high school hang-out spot. It was a sunny day and Elsinore's coloured houses stood out wonderfully.
Every morning, I poach one or two eggs, churn up some avocado and toast some rye bread. I love how it tastes with almonds and lemon sprinkled over it.
Yesterday, I made popcorn as a working snack (actually, it kind of worked as lunch). The small joys when you're working working working......

16 March 2014


Today, I made my family Eggs Benedict. The others have been watching Formula 1 since the wee hours of the morning, and I got up and made breakfast (I'm not particularly a fan of F1, so I kept to the kitchen...). I'm spending the day writing, listening to MØ's new album (epicly good and definitely worth the long wait) and thinking big thoughts. Have a nice Sunday out there!
The photo is from my mom's birthday a few weeks ago where I also made Eggs Benedict - which explains the festive glass of champagne. 

14 March 2014


I've been in Denmark for 3 weeks now. I see photos from Berlin on Instagram so many times a day, even photos of those blossoming cherry trees that I was so nervous of missing out on when I left the city. But it doesn't touch me at all. I'm not missing Berlin one bit; I don't have that stomach flip when I see photos of places, I don't have that once so powerful longing to be there. I don't know what it is, and it's puzzling and un-dramatic at the same time. Maybe we've outgrown each other, Berlin and I. Maybe it's time for new adventures. I don't know. I'm utterly confused about what will happen after April when I'm done with school. I have no idea what so ever. It's kind of strange not having the slightest idea of what your life will look like in two months...

12 March 2014

CPH 02

Sunday was also full of sun, and I went out to Ørestaden to visit Kristiane. We took a long walk around the area where new architecture and nature meets, and it was interesting to see more of this place. Later, I met up with Tine for a drive up the coast with the blue water glimmering. We took a walk in Dyrehaven, one of the most magical places I know. What a truly great weekend!
Kristiane lives in one of the first buildings created in Ørestaden, and she has the most futuristic view!
We walked out past 8-Tallet, which is kind of interesting. I don't know how beautiful I think it is, but it's intriguing.
Next to the building they'd placed all this training equipment that we had to try.
Inside the building was a café with an excellent view - and lots of gray hair!
Dyrehaven was perfectly lit with afternoon sun that cast long shadows.
Tine looked lovely as always.
Isn't it magical?