24 March 2014

Weekend heaven

I'm just about to hand in my assignment. I'm deep into the whole thing, so tearing out a whole 24 hours from the assignment bubble was risky - thankfully, I spent them well.
Saturday afternoon, my father, AE and I headed to Hillerød, where Sølve, the oldest younger brother, had an exhibition with his art collective, Nørrebro Kunsthus. He displayed some paintings he's done with UV-paint. Very cool!
They also had a 48 hour jam session going...
The artist himself, looking skeptical (a typical facial expression of his).
AE, the smallest one, is growing up so fast. He looked sharp in his new shirt.
Love this photo of the two!
Later, I took the train into Copenhagen to have dinner at AnCa's. We celebrated her birthday, and turning 26 of course meant diving into lots of good old 90s tunes. I guess that's mandatory when you spend the evening with mid-20-somethings...
The birthday girl looked lovely, as always.
The birthday party ended up at Kødbyen, the meatpacking district, where we danced well into the early hours of Sunday.
So, it was with a heavily hungover body, that I went to Nørrebro to have morning coffee with Iben, Mette and Chris, who graced us with a visit from Stockholm, where she lives these days. We slowed down, enjoyed the weather outside, and caught up on current events. It was so great. More of that!

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