12 March 2014

CPH 02

Sunday was also full of sun, and I went out to Ørestaden to visit Kristiane. We took a long walk around the area where new architecture and nature meets, and it was interesting to see more of this place. Later, I met up with Tine for a drive up the coast with the blue water glimmering. We took a walk in Dyrehaven, one of the most magical places I know. What a truly great weekend!
Kristiane lives in one of the first buildings created in Ørestaden, and she has the most futuristic view!
We walked out past 8-Tallet, which is kind of interesting. I don't know how beautiful I think it is, but it's intriguing.
Next to the building they'd placed all this training equipment that we had to try.
Inside the building was a café with an excellent view - and lots of gray hair!
Dyrehaven was perfectly lit with afternoon sun that cast long shadows.
Tine looked lovely as always.
Isn't it magical?

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