19 March 2014

Assignment life

I'm writing, that's why I'm spending so much time in Denmark these days. Most days look like the one yesterday, with slight alterations as my assignment progresses. But it's going well and I manage to squeeze in some fun stuff as well, like going to Elsinore to check out glasses, or taking a walk with Kristiane in the planned out nature near my father's house. I'm making somewhat surprising plans for the future as well, and trying it out before I unveil so much. The older I get, the more I surprise myself with how I feel about some things, or the decisions I make. Do you ever have that feeling?
Last Tuesday, I went to Copenhagen to have coffee with Thomas, and to have dinner with some of the ladies. The afternoon sun coloured the city in a beautiful soft early-spring light, and I like how the M for Metro adds a contrasted splash to the blue tones.
On Thursday, I went to Elsinore with Kristiane to have coffee at our old high school hang-out spot. It was a sunny day and Elsinore's coloured houses stood out wonderfully.
Every morning, I poach one or two eggs, churn up some avocado and toast some rye bread. I love how it tastes with almonds and lemon sprinkled over it.
Yesterday, I made popcorn as a working snack (actually, it kind of worked as lunch). The small joys when you're working working working......


hanna said...

Jag älskar verkligen din blogg.

karen sofie said...

hanna; ÅH! Tak for den dejligste kommentar. Det reddede lige hele min uge <3 Håber, alt er godt.