30 November 2012

Tonight I lost my voice

While it was snowing down over Aarhus tonight, I was wide awake. I couldn't sleep, my eyes wouldn't shut, and I was lying there looking out the window on a wintery town, my head spinning with thoughts. I didn't fall asleep until very late, and today my voice is gone... Here's my week in Instashots:
 I went to the library to print some stuff. I kind of like that building and its shapes and colours.
 I've spent endless hours by my desk this week.
 I went out with my headband. I'm not so good at wearing those kinds of things, both because my hair gets flat, and also the wool annoys my ears.
 I had eggs for breakfast.
 And looked at buildings in Guldsmedgade.
 Thursday was spent at Lynfabrikken (Vestergade 49) working. We sold our feature to a Danish newspaper and had to make some changes to the story. Wuhuu, $$$$.
And this morning, Aarhus was touched by white. The photo quality is horrible, I'm sorry. Have a good weekend! I'll be spending mine in the country. Tschüssi!

28 November 2012


On my walk yesterday I ended up by the harbour.
 I think Mejlborg, the house in the middle, is one of the most beautiful buildings in Aarhus. I would love to see the apartments inside.
 I love those big cranes. There's something very peaceful about them, I can't really explain it.
 A few years ago I couldn't see one of those yellow cranes without thinking of my childhood in France. I guess they were building a lot in Paris those days? Now, I never think of France when I see them...

27 November 2012

Hey Aarhus; a walk

I went for a walk this afternoon to clear my head. I'm sitting in my room all day working, so I needed the air. I put on my knitted head band (haha), plugged some music in my ears (Efterklang: Sedna!), wrapped my brown bear jacket around me and went out. I don't do that nearly enough, and it's so nice just walking around with a great playlist and thinking and looking at people and buildings and things. I took some photos, too.
 When I moved to Aarhus the first time around, I wondered a lot about those small windows at the top of the buildings. Something I hadn't seen in Copenhagen. Why didn't they just build a normal sized floor up there? But now I live behind one of those small windows myself, and it's quite alright...

26 November 2012

w o r k

I'm working. Besides a major project I'm about to embark upon, I have unfinished articles to write and lots of bureaucratic fun to organize. Apparently, it's more complicated to get to Canada than I initially thought. But hey, in little over a month's time I'll arrive in the Great White North, ready to start exploring. Until then; w o r k... Hope you're having a more exciting Monday night out there.

25 November 2012

Yéyé on a Sunday

It's raining outside, I slept late and just had pancakes and coffee in bed, all covered in blankets and warmth. I love these Sundays, it even feels nice to know that I have lots of things to do. The whole Montréal thing is starting to dawn on me, and today I'm listening to French music, just to get in the mood. I might have to throw in some Leonard Cohen, too. Have a good Sunday!

24 November 2012


 (You can follow me on Instagram; kseberlin) I recently bought the little milk carton thingy and I'm happy every time I look at it (10 kr. in Tiger)
 The other day, the afternoon sun shone so beautifully through the windows at Lynfabrikken. Oh, I love those windows...
 One of my favourite things is having breakfast in bed; coffee and food and watching a movie while I wake up slowly but good.
 The other day I went down to Paradisbio to have hot chocolate and see an old friend I haven't seen for years. It was so nice catching up!
 There's something about winter light that's quite amazing...
These days, I'm wearing my all time favourite nailpolish; Light Year from American Apparel. I've found a good way to resuscitate it when it's down. It's like wearing disco balls on your hands.

23 November 2012

11 years

That's how long I've known Tine. Which is saying much for a person who has spent her whole life moving (me). I met Tine at the last elementary school I went to, and we've been together ever since. She's always happy and ready to listen, and we have these crazy laughing fits of no particular reason that I could not live without. So naturally, it was a blast having her in Aarhus, and we spent the time walking, talking, watching and laughing. Come again soon, my friend!
Gorgeous weather
And silly 'I'm-in-front-of-a-brick-wall'-photos...
And then she bought me this out of the blue. I'm starting to feel it, Montréal.

21 November 2012


Tonight, one of my very best friends is coming to visit me which is perfect timing as I have just handed in my third assignment. I can't wait to see Tine and laugh my way through the next couple of days, we always have so much fun together!
This little photo strip is hanging on my wall amongst the other Berlin photobooth strips. I always smile when I see this particular one as it was taken on a hungover day in Berlin, and right after the first photo (where we look very cool!), someone stuck their head into the booth and scared us so much we couldn't stop laughing. It was a good afternoon. And another great visit.

20 November 2012


It's getting dark, my general stress level is high, I'm longing for adventures, and I have serious financial troubles: There are many reasons for me to be down - and lord knows the last few months haven't been easy - but I'm feeling quite alright (right now). Strangely, I have a thing where I romantisize things that are supposed to be bad. As if I know I'll look back at this time one day and think; 'God, it was all messed up, but it turned out alright. It made me go from there to there'. Maybe it's crazy, maybe it's basic survival technique, but it feels quite good.

17 November 2012

Yesterday I went out. It was fun.

I've been mourning the loss of my party-instinct in this town, so when I was invited to go to the Friday bar at Media Science yesterday with Michelle, I didn't hesitate. I was sober when I arrived around 22,30, while everyone else had been drunk since the afternoon - it was interesting. Michelle fell out of a window, and heavy men were collapsing around us, there were thousands of people and kissing in the corners. A real party. Yes!
 The party was October Fest themed, so there was a GDR-officer-type serving sausages outside in the cold.
 I couldn't get a better picture of it, but this guy had fallen asleep standing up.....
Walking home, there was still time for beer. Thanks for the party!