10 November 2012

Favourites #2; funny, awkward, old

In September, I made a post about some of my favourite photos. There are more where they came from!
 Rosa, 2006
My grandmother, 2007
 Jonas, 2009
 Me, NP and Sølve, 1990s
 AE, late 1990s
 Me, 1994 (the hair, the facial expression!!)
 Tine and I, 2011
 Copenhagen, 2008
 Kristiane and I, 2011 (this is taken moments before an epic insanity-party)
 My birthday, 2011 - with Jonas and AnCa
 Tine and I, 2007, Paris
Sølve and AE, 2006, Monument Valley (haha, little AE)

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