11 November 2012

Spontaneous disco trip

Yesterday, I was sitting in my father's house far north feeling a little bored, when AnCa asked me to join her in Copenhagen for a documentary. This week is CPH:DOX, and there was a film on about disco. So I grabbed a bottle of white and hit the road. AnCa, dressed impeccably in a glittery dress, and I plunged into Bremen's blue velvety seats, pimped a little white wine in some plastic cups, and AnCa had brought popcorn. It was hilarious. The movie, 'The Secret Disco Revolution' was a hoot, and it's been a long time I've seen a film in the movies where the audience was so happy and laughing and screaming. Afterwards, there was a disco party with balloons and disco music. Of course.
 Grainy photo, huge hand - but two pimpin' ladies at the movies.
AnCa looking foxy.

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