11 November 2012

Just saw: Piramida

The documentary festival, CPH:DOX is about to be over, so you can stream four of the films through Politiken today and tomorrow (go here). Tonight I saw 'Piramida' about the Danish group Efterklang who travelled to Svalbard to an abandoned Russian mine city to record sounds and walk around in the deserted area so beautifully located in the arctic mountains. Wow. I fell a little more in love with the boys, and since the album 'Piramida' has been rotating heavily in my ears the last couple of weeks, it was very interesting seeing how many of its sounds were discovered there, up north. Besides watching the guys go nerdy, the documentary explores what happened up there in the 70s and 80s when it was a Russian fairytale. Do yourself a favour and see it, it's even got English subs! (Screendumps from the film)

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