24 November 2012


 (You can follow me on Instagram; kseberlin) I recently bought the little milk carton thingy and I'm happy every time I look at it (10 kr. in Tiger)
 The other day, the afternoon sun shone so beautifully through the windows at Lynfabrikken. Oh, I love those windows...
 One of my favourite things is having breakfast in bed; coffee and food and watching a movie while I wake up slowly but good.
 The other day I went down to Paradisbio to have hot chocolate and see an old friend I haven't seen for years. It was so nice catching up!
 There's something about winter light that's quite amazing...
These days, I'm wearing my all time favourite nailpolish; Light Year from American Apparel. I've found a good way to resuscitate it when it's down. It's like wearing disco balls on your hands.

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