17 November 2012

Yesterday I went out. It was fun.

I've been mourning the loss of my party-instinct in this town, so when I was invited to go to the Friday bar at Media Science yesterday with Michelle, I didn't hesitate. I was sober when I arrived around 22,30, while everyone else had been drunk since the afternoon - it was interesting. Michelle fell out of a window, and heavy men were collapsing around us, there were thousands of people and kissing in the corners. A real party. Yes!
 The party was October Fest themed, so there was a GDR-officer-type serving sausages outside in the cold.
 I couldn't get a better picture of it, but this guy had fallen asleep standing up.....
Walking home, there was still time for beer. Thanks for the party!


Lou said...

Haha måtte grine højt da jeg så disse billder. Skønt! Er især vild med billedet af dig og Michelle sammen - priceless :)

karen sofie said...

Haha, ja! Og hvis du lægger mærke til det, ligner det, at Michelle er pukkelrygget på det allerøverste billede - loool!