15 November 2012

Visiting new places

I went directly from my father's place in the northern Zealand to another north; northern Jutland. In Thisted, we - my writing partner and I - had some interviews to do and some graveyards to visit. We're doing a story involving a lot of death and stones, so it was only fitting that we lived just across from Thisted graveyard. Thisted is a small town just by the fjord, and we awoke to a sea view everyday. Our interviews were fun, and I saw my grandparents' grave. They happen to be buried at Thisted graveyard. So all in all, good to see you Thisted!
 There was yummy food on the ferry... (+funky decorations!)
 Goodmorning foggy fjord.
 A quite comfortable working station.
 We worked all the first day, so it was only fitting the late hours were accompanied by a glass of Malbec.
 My father's parents both died young, and I never got to meet them. But even though they've only been stories to me and faded 50s photos, I felt very connected to them standing there, looking at their stone. I would've loved to say hello to them in person.
 This sign was in the main street of Thisted. So beautiful.

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