31 October 2011


Last year we celebrated Halloween the 30th, since it was a Saturday. I spent the better part of the night sewing before I headed to Friedrichshain and Marlene's apartment. Here we dressed up for hours and made weird accessories to our not-so-Halloween-esque outfits. We met with Jonas in Kreuzberg and later crashed a beard-party (!) in Neukölln. When the morning broke, we went back to Kreuzberg to get food with this really funny actor-guy, walked home over the bridge between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain and saw the sun come up. Magic night.
 Having breakfast with Marlene and actor guy.
Narcissistic elevator-ride in the morning.

30 October 2011


 11.42. Drawing on a notebook while having coffee.
 13.53. I have brunch with my mom at Lyst in Jægersborggade.
 14.56. A few rays of sun shine through the leaves in my street.
 15.50. Crane love.
 I take my brothers to the good pick'n'mix store in Elmegade before we curl up in my sofa to watch movies.
 There's also time for some band photos.
19.43. Post-movie-tired.


It's Sunday morning, and my head is fried from 12 hours of sleep. The city is quiet, the apartment is cold and I boiled an egg for breakfast. I also had yogurt with fruit and sunflower- and pumpkinseeds. Now I'll make coffee and take a shower. It's Sunday.

29 October 2011

White night, black bar

A lot of very shiny satin shirts were displayed on my computer last night as Iben, Mette, Anna and I had drinks in the white castle (aka our apartment) before heading out. We trawled through all the greatest of the 90s hits and had laughing fits from the style, lyrics and incredibly smooth dance moves. We didn't leave the apartment before 2am, and outside the city was once again covered in a heavy white fog. It was like a dark and scary fairytale where the next street corner is hidden and the street lamps are blurry light discs in the smoke. We went to Drone in Nørrebrogade, where I met a guy that recognized me from one of my houseparties in Berlin (weird) - and who happened to be the brother of one of my friends' boyfriend's friends. Long story. Small city. There's a very dense population of bearded men at that bar, so Mette, Anna and I had a blast standing there giggling down in our drinks.
Photo in the bathroom mirror. Classic.

28 October 2011


It's Friday, and I'm celebrating with cocktails, Den Sorte Skole and Mette and Iben. After months with a party attitude missing in action, I feel the glitter and nightly magic come crawling back.


The other night I went to Vesterbro to meet Jonas and Kirsty at Kaffebar in Enghave Plads. We had beer, tea and cider and talked for hours about everything and nothing. When they closed we had free croissants before I biked to Nørrebro on the moist roads of Frederiksberg with tunes in my head.
(Jonas can't keep his eyes open when photographed)

27 October 2011

Lost in the fog

In "Gone With The Wind" there's a scene where Scarlett runs after Rhett in a fog so thick you can almost cut a slice of it. I felt like I was in that scene today as Copenhagen was invaded by a heavy fog.  At Dronning Louises Bro I couldn't even see the buildings on each side of the lakes as I biked to work. Few metres ahead everything was swallowed by a white nothingness. And it continued all day. It's been like living inside a cotton ball or a cloud, and I don't think I can remember ever experiencing a fog that heavy.
 The view from my window as I had breakfast.
Normally you would be able to see the 'Clamydia Castle' on this photo as well as a lake with buildings on each side of it. But today all was white.
 I discovered a bicycle in the lake...