12 October 2011

24 hours

 Tuesday 9.51. I walk by this building that I like despite it being new and all.
 9.55 Inside this tower they control all the train signals from Kastrup to Helsingør. I went there to do something for work and enjoyed their view over Copenhagen. While I was there, the sky changed from clear blue to rainy grey and finished off with a rainbow crawling over the rooftops. I was there for one hour.
 17.27 I meet Iben for late afternoon hot chocolate at Ricco's in Stefansgade. We take it to go and discuss current events while we sip our black wellness walking around the neighborhood and looking at old stuff at a nearby thrift store.
 Love the lamps!
 They're building the metro in the park, so it's all closed off. But the green arty stuff is cool.
Found this little photo at my mom's. My hair is exactly the same as now, only shorter...

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tambourine sam said...

nej hvor fint, det er jo mit område. jeg bor lige overfor ricco's og har tit tænkt på at tage nogle billeder ovre ved metrovæggen i parken, selvom det gør mig lidt ked af det - at den skal stå der. det ser nu meget fint og efterårshyggeligt ud her!