22 October 2011

Best of Berlin #5: Pre-spring

 I still miss it. Here's Berlin from March through April. (other best ofs here, here, here and here)
 Coffee at Ringo's. I don't know why, but that place was my favourite (Sanderstraße, Neukölln)
 Visited Beelitz with Nina and Sigrid. Scary, beautiful, perfect and interesting.
 Epic night out
 One of the first spring days in Mauer Park.
Beautiful Mitte on a clear spring day
AnCa turned 23 in the end of March. We celebrated by having white wine on Admiralsbrücke and later hitting the gin & tonics in Schönleinstraße.
Tine came to visit, and we had one of the wildest weekends in Berlin.
Outside the office in Mitte. It was even more radiant in real life...
One of many parties at Fuchs & Elster.
AnCa celebrated her birthday in a basement in Kreuzberg. There were balloons and drunken international people, and we took lots of photos...
My room with the high windows and crazy ceiling.
One of our first houseparties. We got our phones stolen and found them in a pair of shoes in my room = bizarre, and the night ended at Monarch and AnCa and me singing all the way home. After which we had a laughing fit in the sofa before she went directly to the busstation to go to Copenhagen...
Went to Teufelsberg with Sigrid, Conor and Ines, where we looked over the city from the old watchtower and hitch-hiked the way back in an old VW that we had to push to get it started again. It was such a fun day.

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