10 October 2011

Another October

Last year's October was one of the happiest months in Berlin. The Berlin love was burning, I was enjoying every single minute of each day, and I had some of the funniest visits, parties and experiences.

 Chris came and stayed two weeks because she was doing an architecture project in Neukölln. We attended a pirate party that was shut down by the police, and I literally fell out of the party (in front of all the cool people...) and ruined my camera.
 Chris and I went to see a theatre show by a Swedish dancer I had interviewed for the magazine. It took place in an old factory building (of course) in Wedding and was really cool. She danced sequences of all the pieces she had danced throughout her carreer.
 AnCa, Chris and I saw Wildbirds & Peacedrums in Babylon. Beautiful beautiful concert with Sweden's undoubtedly coolest couple.
 We catwalked in high heels in a thrift store in Prenzlauer Berg.
 And came by this very decorated apartment...
 Kristiane also came to visit, and we pretty much laughed our way through a whole weekend.
 We went partying at three o'clock in the morning with the German boys where we discovered a secret club in Neukölln, visited an old pub near Yorckstraße and attended a pretty weird party in a closed down shop...
 With a killer hangover we biked all the way to the abandoned themepark, Spreepark. But we misread the map and took a very big detour that made our cheeks red and our legs tired.
 But we made it.
 Roar came and made three ordinary days very very festive.
 I went back home for the first time. I went directly to the airport from a club and sobered up the closer I got to Denmark's borders. And had the most beautiful flight of my life.
 I could spend hours just looking at the two rooms in Prenzlauer Berg.
I crashed a 'beard'party in Neukölln on Halloween with Nina, Jonas and Marlene. It was the biggest apartment I had seen in Berlin so far and placed a long way down Sonnenallee. On the way home Marlene and I had rolls with an English guy on the bridge between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg while the sun came up.

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