03 October 2011


Painting, moving, painting, painting, sleeping, eating, painting, moving. Crazy weekend. Great weather. Friends helping. Tired. Moving now too. Tired.

 Saturday, 8.23. Tine and I on our way to get the truck in Hvidovre.
 14.34. After getting furniture in Snekkersten, Fredensborg and Østerbro and after carrying all that furniture up on 4th floor, we take down the high bed in Anna's room. It's difficult.
 14.34. It still looks like that now (Monday, 17.08)
 15.01. We're 7 people carrying the bed down and all across the courtyard.
 18.26. Food-time.
 Sunday, 09.40. Anna and I go to bed 20.30 on a Saturday night to wake up at 7 to continue painting. Luckily, Coffee Collective provides some much needed gasoline for the arms...
 15.59. The living room is done and we're happy.
Small steps.


PROVINS said...

Sejt at alt det kan nåes på en dag!!
Og props til alle de hjælpe venner!!!

karen sofie said...

Heh, ja. Faktisk har det taget tre-fire dage, men denne ene dag var den mest koncentrerede. Jeg ved virkelig ikke, hvad vi havde gjort uden alle de skønne venner og familie :)