31 October 2012

Best of Aarhus: Half way

It's been two months since I moved to Aarhus. And in two months I'll be in Montréal ringing in the new year on foreign ground. I can't wait, and it's so surreal that I've already spent half my time in Aarhus. Sadly enough, most of my time here has been spent in school.
 I went to a really good concert with Eventuelt.org.
 Sølve and mom came to visit on an ordinary Tuesday.
 We took a stroll in Olafur Eliasson's rainbow.
 Chris visited.
I visited the grandparents in northern Jutland.
Fall came around.
I passed my internship exam and moved on to my 'major' this semester - narrative journalism, my favourite field.
I hung out with these fine lads at my grandfather's 80th birthday. It constantly amazes me how much I love my brothers.
 I spent a Sunday in a secret club.
 The sensational duo made a weekend in October quite exciting.
 I've spent time looking out my window.
 I saw Jonas graduate to become a real journalist.
 I went to Copenhagen for the first time since moving here.
I wasn't there more than a day, and left as the sun rose.
I spent Sunday at Carlsberg.

29 October 2012

Sunday walk Carlsberg style

This weekend I spent 32 (+one) hours in Copenhagen. I had to do a language test - some bureaucratic Montréal business - and I managed to squeeze in some goodness, too. Sunday night, Bettina and I went to see Grizzly Bear. So good! Despite horrible sound (Falconer Salen!&%€) and a weak start, the concert was amazing. I was sent back to Berlin when they played their Veckatimest-songs, and their visuals were truly breathtaking. Before the concert, I took a long stroll with AnCa in the Carlsberg area. It was indeed fall, we had running noses and red cheeks, but we both enjoyed the huge factory buildings and creative sprinkles up there.

This fluorescent tree was hidden in a Vesterbro backyard. It looked surreal with its flashy colours!

27 October 2012

Ladies being cultural

Before the sensational duo went back to Copenhagen, they wanted to go see 'Den Gamle By', an outdoor museum in Aarhus with old houses giving an insight to life in the 1800s. I wasn't too keen on the idea, I'd rather sip coffee in the narrow streets downtown gossiping, but they talked me into it. It turned out to be really fun: Cobbled streets, old shops and glimpses of life in the 1800s, the 1920s and 1970s' Denmark. I actually wished we'd had more time exploring....
 The cold fall weather with a rainy sky made the coloured houses look so beautiful, especially with the water reflecting it all.
 In Aarhus, it's basically impossible finding a place where you can buy coffee and a roll on a Sunday morning, so we had breakfast at the museum. In a little cafeteria we had 'smørrebrød' - open faced sandwiches. Classic Denmark and really good...
 Old and new.
 A little street in the small, fake village, was dedicated to the year 1974. Travel agencies, stereo shops and posters with socialist statements.
 'Drink beer from Jutland in Jutland'...
 We found a little hall with curvy mirrors...
 1920s' soap shop.
I can definitely recommend a visit to Den Gamle By - but make sure you have a good amount of time there, because there are many small houses to look into, shops to visit (try the bakery with the pastry!) and houses to admire.