21 October 2012

The sensational duo in Aarhus #1

 So. The log ladies (we watch Twin Peaks) were reunited as AnCa and Kirstine escaped Copenhagen's streets and took a trip across the sea to visit me in Aarhus. I'd looked forward to this visit for weeks and it was every bit as great as I'd expected. We roamed around, got drunk, had coffee, told way too many inappropriate jokes and laughed.
We began the weekend drinking coffee at Lynfabrikken, my all time favourite Aarhus hangout (Vestergade 49)
 We hit the city's vintageshops, here Dengang in Graven 24.
 My old hood in Mejlgade.
 We had coffee and cake in Løves Bog- og Vincafé (Nørregade 32) - the cake, an incredibly rich chocolate muffin, went so fast I didn't have time to photograph it...
 Going out looking rather freaky, scary and drunk...
...to be continued...

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