15 October 2012

A secret morning

It rarely happens that I get up early on a Sunday to go spend time with a bunch of strange kids high on sugar. But yesterday was an exeption. I interviewed Annabelle from the local playful organisation a secret club/en hemmelig klub on Monday, and this Sunday a secret club arranged an animation workshop + uhealthy breakfast + screening of animated shorts at my probably all time favourite cinema, Øst for Paradis (Paradisgade 7). The café area of the cinema was beautifully decorated with flags and handdrawn signs, and the breakfast was indeed unhealthy. We saw kids piling marshmallows, nutella, chocolate pieces and peanutbutter on a roll, smashing it all well together and eat it with the biggest of delight. Great! The whole arrangement was lovely, and I can only recommend people in the Aarhus area to check them out and look out for upcoming events!
 These miniature popcorns were at the entrance next to the 'world's smallest cinema'.
 Beautiful Michelle was there, too. Covered in home made medals, of course.
 Annabelle, founder of a secret club.
 + her husband Kenn, also founder, wearing an impressive feather hat made by Annabelle.
 A kid made this. Excessive goodness (notice the gummy bears stuffed into the middle)
 A zoetrope made out of an old pram - you draw on the long piece of paper, put it into the black wheel and spin = you've made a movie...!
 The world's smallest cinema. "It's just an iPod", some of the kids shouted - kids today sure are hard to impress!

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