29 October 2012

Sunday walk Carlsberg style

This weekend I spent 32 (+one) hours in Copenhagen. I had to do a language test - some bureaucratic Montréal business - and I managed to squeeze in some goodness, too. Sunday night, Bettina and I went to see Grizzly Bear. So good! Despite horrible sound (Falconer Salen!&%€) and a weak start, the concert was amazing. I was sent back to Berlin when they played their Veckatimest-songs, and their visuals were truly breathtaking. Before the concert, I took a long stroll with AnCa in the Carlsberg area. It was indeed fall, we had running noses and red cheeks, but we both enjoyed the huge factory buildings and creative sprinkles up there.

This fluorescent tree was hidden in a Vesterbro backyard. It looked surreal with its flashy colours!


Kat said...

Favoritsted for aftenture!



karen sofie said...

Ja, der er rigtig fint. Bare de bygninger og den historie, det er fascinerende :) - Fin blog, forresten!