25 October 2012

28 hours in faded phone colours

I had a minor meltdown yesterday. Weeks of worrying, running from assignment to assignemt and a hundred other things pressing in my head became too much. Today, the sun shone, and it made things better. (Picture above from Gellerupparken yesterday 12.04)
 15.45: After an interview with two fun guys in the Aarhus ghetto, I rushed to school to work on my assignment for class. While I was there, Jonas went to his exam down the hall and became a certified journalist - many congrats! It'll be me in a year which is a very surreal, yet exciting thought...
 23.39: Since moving back to Aarhus I'm having trouble sleeping so I'm trying an experiment these days; sleeping with my head in the other end of the bed. There, I am right under the sky window, and it's comforting falling asleep under the stars and with a view over the little town next to me.
 08.28: This morning I emptied my hamper hoping it would make me wash. It didn't.
 12.55: While working on assignment at Marilou's, she made me melted goat's cheese on top of roasted spelled grains with mint and toasted (homemade!) rye bread. Yummy in my tummy.
 13.39: The ground is colourful these days.
16:04: The sun made the view outside my window extra delightful as I sat in my bed writing all afternoon.


Karoline said...

Fall is though and I know it doesn't really help when people keep telling you that things will sort out but Karma get's back to you ... I am in a turning point in my life right now too and it is soo freaking tough too get up in the morning ... But I am sure we will get there - hope things sort out for you - woop woop -


karen sofie said...

Thanks, this was really nice to read. I know it's true, it's just one of those phases where everything seems to clash, all the troubles at the same time... I hope things will sort out for you, too! Are you moving out of Berlin?