31 October 2012

Best of Aarhus: Half way

It's been two months since I moved to Aarhus. And in two months I'll be in Montréal ringing in the new year on foreign ground. I can't wait, and it's so surreal that I've already spent half my time in Aarhus. Sadly enough, most of my time here has been spent in school.
 I went to a really good concert with Eventuelt.org.
 Sølve and mom came to visit on an ordinary Tuesday.
 We took a stroll in Olafur Eliasson's rainbow.
 Chris visited.
I visited the grandparents in northern Jutland.
Fall came around.
I passed my internship exam and moved on to my 'major' this semester - narrative journalism, my favourite field.
I hung out with these fine lads at my grandfather's 80th birthday. It constantly amazes me how much I love my brothers.
 I spent a Sunday in a secret club.
 The sensational duo made a weekend in October quite exciting.
 I've spent time looking out my window.
 I saw Jonas graduate to become a real journalist.
 I went to Copenhagen for the first time since moving here.
I wasn't there more than a day, and left as the sun rose.
I spent Sunday at Carlsberg.

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