15 December 2015


I can't believe it's Christmas in 10 days. My 27th year is coming to an end, too, and that always gets me thinking about time. I measure everything out in time and put it in boxes with labels like 'youth', 'culture' and so on. My friends always tease me with my ability to remember ridiculous details about years and to always know which year what happened. I guess it's my version of a filing system. The last years have melted together more, though. I know a lot has happened since 2010, but somehow many things haven't changed. Oh well.
This weekend was spent in Jutland with my eldest little brother. We visited our mom and it was such a nice weekend - I can't remember the last time I had a whole weekend where I didn't work or think about work. We went to the beach and ate good food and laughed a lot and talked so much. It was absolutely perfect.
It was raining when I left the city and as I walked from work down to the bus, I came by one of my favourite streets; Magstræde. It's almost becoming a cliché now with Instagram fame, but I still think it's beautiful. Also in wet cobblestones.
Vesterhavet was cold and wild, but it was beautiful walking along the coast. There's just something about the sea.
I love this photo of my beautiful brother.
The western shore is full of old bunkers from WWII. They look like huge stones dropped from the sky, and despite their story I kind of like them, all rough and dead, like industrial elements that have been alive once and now are empty shells of their previous existence.
We went shopping at a nearby supermarket and had hysterical laughing fits from huge cakes on display (everything is just bigger in Western Jutland!) and toys. To the locals, I think we must have fallen into the 'crazy people from Copenhagen'-category.
My mom made Lucia bread (top left) for breakfast on the 13th, and I haven't had them since I was a kid. It was great!

25 November 2015

In the haze

I am a bit all over the place these days. One moment I'm so happy I can't feel my toes, the next I'm utterly frustrated, sad or incredibly mad, so mad I shake and want to destroy things and yell. I have a lot of work, a little too much maybe, and while I really enjoy it and love it, I also sometimes feel like I haven't got enough time to do it all. Thankfully, I have some patient friends that are always there, I try and enjoy the many train hours with a book, and I discovered the 'Discover' function in Spotify. So there are good things!
I have a desk at the newspaper the next few weeks and it's so wonderful to be back. Plus, the view isn't bad either...
The other day I had lunch at Torvehallerne in between two interviews. The sun was out for a brief appearance and it made the colours of the fresh produce stand out so beautifully.
This week, I finally finished reading East of Eden. I've been reading bits of it every time I'm in the train and occasionally on the sofa for a half hour break, and I don't think it's taken me so long to read something before. It's got nothing to do with the book; it's my favourite and it's the third or fourth time I read it, but I just haven't had the time to really sit down and read for hours. If you haven't read it, please do. It's worth the time and thought.
On Sunday, it snowed and snowed. I had a brunch date with AnCa in the city and it was such an ordeal getting there. There was so much snow up north and it was cold and slippery. In the city, there were just little patches of white...
On Monday, the sun shone brightly. I skated down to the station and went into the city to do an interview. I haven't enjoyed an interview so much in a long time. We did it walking around Østerbro; it was cold, but beautiful, and we took the time to talk. It was marvelous, and now I'm enjoying writing the whole thing.
After the interview I took a walk around the lakes to clear my head. I called up Chris and we went for lunch. I didn't actually had the time for it, but I didn't care, and it felt so good just saying 'to hell with it'. Plus, the weather was so good!
I love how the windows make the light dance across the buildings.
Copenhagen in a chilly blue. I miss that colour now that it's back to grey...

16 November 2015


What a horrible night. What meaninglessness. My thoughts are constantly on Paris and the city I love and spent the first 5 years of my life in. I have no words, just sorrow and sympathy for the people affected. I hope we can all stand together, united and stronger in our belief in democracy and civilisation.
I spent a good part of Friday night following the news, and all of Saturday I sat in front of the TV trying to wrap my head around the actions in Paris. On Sunday, I was called in to work and went to the French church to cover their memorial service for the newspaper. What a weekend!

10 November 2015

It's the fuzzy time again

So, shooting pictures is getting moderately more difficult these days as the light is gone by 16 and sort of not there in the first place. All my photos look like they are made of wool, and the grey tones are taking over. Oh well. I spent a few days in Jutland this weekend. I took the bus to Aarhus on Friday to see my brother and meet his new girlfriend. They were so sweet and the afternoon was absolutely perfect. Later, I took the train to my mom's house and hung around with my youngest brother and his girlfriend. We occupied the sofas and watched movies and ate only white bread, chocolate and all things sweet. It was great. Now it's back to the deadlines and despite some busy days ahead, things are pretty alright.
So, for the fuzzy photos:
On Thursday, I went up on the roof of music venue and Vesterbro institution VEGA. The view, albeit grey, was wonderful. I know nothing better than looking at cities from above. Lucky Tine, who works there, to be able look at this view every day.
In Aarhus, I spent way too much money on coffee beans at La Cabra. But how can you not when it's so good...
It's always fun to be back in Aarhus. Sometimes, though, I can't believe I've lived there for 2,5 years...

01 November 2015

Before the trees go bare

It's Sunday and I've spent mine in the sofa with the computer in my lap. Writing. Outside, the fog has wrapped its silver breath around the houses so only half the features were clear. It's been a shaky week: two family members were/are at hospital so there was a lot of crossing fingers and hoping and sending positive thoughts. Thankfully, they are recovering, but it really brings out that scary thought in the back of your mind that life is frail. As someone who's never lost someone close to me I cannot (as in seriously cannot) deal with the idea of death. Hopefully it will be some time before I have to.
Anyway, there's also been other things and these are some of them;
Last week I was in need of new coffee beans so I decided to go into town. The sky was grey and I took a short walk around the blocks before taking the train back to the assignments...
A few days later, I walked down to the station again to go have coffee with Sheila. The trees by the station have now gone almost bare. But the yellow explosions were beautiful.
We had coffee at Lillebror and took a stroll through H.C. Ørstedsparken afterwards. It was a colourful walk.
That Saturday, I met Kathrine for a walk around Nørrebro. There was a demonstration along Nørrebrogade, and we walked around the lakes and up and down the streets. Later, I met Jonas and Lasse William for another coffee and a bit of rowdy talk at Torvehallerne. It was a great Saturday.
On Monday and two or three days after that I thought I had finally gotten an apartment in a building I've been wanting to live in for years. But alas, it is a tough market these days!
On Tuesday I went to Grundtvigskirken on assignment. That place is so extremely magnificent. It's made from more than 5,5 million bricks! And since the architect wanted the light to reflect in a certain way, he instructed the constructers to rub each stone against another so they would be scratched. Can you imagine?!
Today, I had coffee in bed. I also had two articles to write but I let myself have a quiet moment beneath the sheets to reflect the past week. You need that sometimes.