15 December 2015


I can't believe it's Christmas in 10 days. My 27th year is coming to an end, too, and that always gets me thinking about time. I measure everything out in time and put it in boxes with labels like 'youth', 'culture' and so on. My friends always tease me with my ability to remember ridiculous details about years and to always know which year what happened. I guess it's my version of a filing system. The last years have melted together more, though. I know a lot has happened since 2010, but somehow many things haven't changed. Oh well.
This weekend was spent in Jutland with my eldest little brother. We visited our mom and it was such a nice weekend - I can't remember the last time I had a whole weekend where I didn't work or think about work. We went to the beach and ate good food and laughed a lot and talked so much. It was absolutely perfect.
It was raining when I left the city and as I walked from work down to the bus, I came by one of my favourite streets; Magstræde. It's almost becoming a cliché now with Instagram fame, but I still think it's beautiful. Also in wet cobblestones.
Vesterhavet was cold and wild, but it was beautiful walking along the coast. There's just something about the sea.
I love this photo of my beautiful brother.
The western shore is full of old bunkers from WWII. They look like huge stones dropped from the sky, and despite their story I kind of like them, all rough and dead, like industrial elements that have been alive once and now are empty shells of their previous existence.
We went shopping at a nearby supermarket and had hysterical laughing fits from huge cakes on display (everything is just bigger in Western Jutland!) and toys. To the locals, I think we must have fallen into the 'crazy people from Copenhagen'-category.
My mom made Lucia bread (top left) for breakfast on the 13th, and I haven't had them since I was a kid. It was great!

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