01 January 2016

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Actually, it's a little bad I didn't post this one before New Years, but what can you do. Here it is. 2015 was a strange year; it didn't feel at all different from 2014. Normally, I categorize years by colour or mood in my mind, and every year is different from each other. But 2014 and 2015 look very similar. In 2015, though, I had my first real job. I only managed to move once. I was happy. And I felt like I was standing still. Like life goes on without me playing a part in it. I hope that changes in 2016. In two days, I'm moving back to the city. Into my own place. And. I. Can't. Wait. At least the year starts with something great. But first, 2015 in glimpses;
The year started cold. And busy. I ran around town doing interviews and writing pieces for the newspaper. I interviewed a 100-year old man and he was fabulous.
I partied with old friends.
Some of us went out to dinner. The air was cool and crisp and the year was just waiting to be explored.
I spent a weekend in Aarhus with my father and the brothers. It was heaven.
I started in my new job at the newspaper. The first snow fell, and the view from the office was dreamy.
In the middle of the month, I went north to hang out with my friend Tine. We had barely driven out of Copenhagen before we heard the news of the attack. It was surreal and we spent the next weeks in shock and disbelief - and a very different and quiet Copenhagen.
In the beginning of March, there were the early sensations of spring. I took a euphoric walk around Nørrebro and soaked up the light.
Later that month, I went to Bath to visit my friend Cordula. It was a weekend full of history, of Britishness and of giggles.
Bath was pretty.
As spring grew warmer, the cherry trees blossomed at Bispebjerg Kirkegård. I went there with Sheila, and it was pretty spectacular with all the pink.
In May, I went to North Jutland to teach my grandmother how to use her iPad.
We went to the beach and saw a beautiful sunset. I love my grandparents. They are the coolest and always have the best and most insightful stories.
Every day, I walked past Democratic Coffee in Krystalgade for my caffeine fix and a chat with the boys.
I worked and worked.
In late May, we headed to Italy for a long week of relaxation and culture and wine and laughs.
We went up to Gran Sasso and roasted arrosticini and drank wine beneath the mountains.
Later, we drove to Naples and ate pizza four times in two days and took in one of the most beautiful views ever.
Again, I have never had better pizza in my life.
Back home, summer was knocking. I went north to visit my father, and after drinking wine one night, we ran down to the sea at 3am and took a moonlight swim.
In June, I went on dates and talked into the night.
I had dinner with the family at Papirøen and didn't miss the best mirror-selfie-spot.
Copenhagen is the best in early summer.
I had cocktails by the water with Chris and Kristiane.
And I hated men one day as I walked around the lakes.
A few days later, the youngest brother graduated from high school and it was a day I won't forget for many years.
Look how happy he is!
I climbed the many stairs of Our Saviors Church in Christianshavn with AnCa.
Afterwards, we sat by the harbour and laughed and talked.
When everybody else went on vacation, I still worked. But we did enjoy the clear nights with wine and talks on the balcony.
There were many photos on Instagram of my breakfast table....
And the city was quiet and empty in the mornings as I walked to work.
As I finished work at the newspaper, I flew to Italy once again to hang out with my youngest brother, my father and his wife. We went out to the coast by Vieste. It was light and salty.
It was also beautiful.
Back at the house in Abruzzo, it was warm. We took a drive up to Rocca Calascio and had the most amazing view.
I've never seen anything like it.
At Gran Sasso, we ran into some bad weather and saw lightenings strike down just beside us.
Back in Denmark, I rambled around Elsinore. That little town is always beautiful, also in late August.
The last weekend of August, AnCa and I went back 'home' to Berlin. It was good being back; I was confirmed in my decision of leaving. Not that it wasn't great to hang out in Berlin, but it doesn't feel like home anymore.
However, we made the most of it and had so much fun.
It was also 35 degrees...
I met Flora Amalie for a morning coffee and it was fun as always.
I love my BFF.
The family and I went to Milan in the beginning of September. My brothers are obsessed with Formula 1 and they had invited me along for a race. I preferred wandering the streets of Milan, though...
Although seeing the race with them was pretty fun, too.
Back in Denmark, I was invited to go see the new Kusama exhibition at Louisiana along with other Instagrammers. It was nice having the museum to ourselves, and the exhibition was wonderfully weird.
Later, I took my brothers shopping and we saw 'Straight Outta Compton' and made dinner.
In late September, it was indian summer and Kathrine and I took a walk in Dyrehaven. The stags were in heat and their roars filled the air. It was scary and overwhelming at the same time.
I went for walks by the coast and watched the light grow golden.
In October, the cold came and we stayed indoors drinking cocktails and listening to 90s hip hop.

The colours turned autumnal and the seasons changed.
My brothers made pancakes for breakfast as I rushed with deadlines.
The colours popped.
I did a story about Grundtvigskirken. It's such a beautiful space - made from more than 5.5 million bricks!
I went for walks around the lakes with friends.
I worked more and more at the office at the newspaper. I love working there. Both because of the view and the amazing people there.
The first snow fell and managed to stick around for a few days.
I went to Jutland to see my mother. Sølve was there too, and we took a trip out to the Western coast.
He's so beautiful.
So is the coastline and the wild sea.
Christmas was spent in Italy where the weather was beyond great. We took long walks, played games, laughed and relaxed.
And it was great spending time with my three favourite men. Happy New Year everybody!


Marlou said...

Godt nytt år, Karen Sofie!

+ Takk for at du laget en så fin oversikt, det var veldig hyggelig å lese og faktisk kjenne igjen så mange fine øyeblikker. :) Og for et hyggelig bilde, det siste. Det er litt morsomt at ditt år var som jeg på en måte håper mitt kommer til å bli - med fastjobb, lite flytting og generelt lite som virkelig "skjer" - men samtidig er jeg redd for at det på en måte blir for kjedelig også. Jeg håper du blir kvitt den følelsen av å stå stille, og at 2016 blir alt du ønsker.

Og hei, nå kommer jeg allerede til København neste uke! Jeg skjønner at det kanskje blir litt for mye med flytting osv, men jeg håper du fortsatt har lyst å ta en kaffe. Du kan sende meg en e-post, så kan vi kanskje finne et tidspunkt! heimarlou@gmail.com er min e-post.

karen sofie said...

Godt nytår, søde Marlou! Tak for din fine besked, den blev jeg meget glad for at læse. Jeg håber, du får det fineste år med alt det bedste - og så synes jeg altså, at vi skal finde på noget med kaffen! Glæder mig til at hilse på dig :)