29 August 2014

Trotting the streets

One of my absolute favourite things of moving back to Copenhagen is the endless possibilities of coffee dates. I have my best friends (almost all, anyways) within a few miles' radius, and spontaneity has never been better. I'm roaming around the city, taking it all back in, laughing over coffees and vibrating through the streets. Yesterday, the summer came back, and it was marvellous.
The other night, as I walked over to Tine's, the sun went down and coloured the streets in gold.
Another night, I found myself in Ahornsgade with AnCa.
Yesterday, I started the afternoon with Jonas. We had coffee at the square by Nørrebro Station. The coffee was awful and the place was noisy, but somehow it was just perfect.
Later, I headed down to Kaffebar (Elmegade 4, Nørrebro) with Kathrine. We had our flat white and americano to go.
It was so warm, so we sat down by the Lakes to soak up the sun and watch people drift by.
We took a walk around Peblinge Sø, and my favourite building on Nansensgade was caught in a surreal light.
After having crossed the hipster hangout Dronning Louises Bro, where I came across this wonderful bike, I biked to Vesterbro to sit on a doorstep for a few hours with Michelle. We haven't seen each other for two years (!), so I forgot all about taking photos. Come back to Copenhagen soon, Michelle!

27 August 2014

Crispy afternoons

I don't know if it's because I lived in Berlin last year where the summer extends all the way into the end of September, but I feel it's very suddenly autumn. It's still August, after all...! Nonetheless, I'm wearing my jacket and long sleeves when I go out, and the wind is chilly. I find myself constantly thinking that I should enjoy the afternoons outside because they won't be around for much longer now that winter's coming (!) Last week, I met with Christoffer for an afternoon coffee and a walk around the lakes. The day after, Kathrine and I went for a spontaneous trip to get ice cream on Stefansgade. But it was so cold when we sat down to eat it, that we hurried back home to the warmth.
Christoffer and I had coffee at Kaffebar on Elmegade (number 4). They use beans from Coffee Collective and I like the raw interior with bulbs, wood and iron.
The sky over the lakes was pretty creative. The wind on the other hand was brutal.
"Oh no, now people think I'm a pretentious blogger," Kathrine said as I took her picture. Well, I think she looks cool.
At Isværket (Stefansgade 15, Nørrebro), they had put bulbs directly on the table.
Oh bliss. This van made me think of Berlin and I had a few pangs of longing. It's good to know I can just go down to Nørrebroparken and see it whenever I miss Berlin.
I adore the facade of Osramhuset. The bulb! The font! The graphics.

25 August 2014

Ghetto heating

On Saturday, we had a housewarming at the ghettosuite (that's what we call our apartment...) My camera is miserable for party shooting as it's too delicate for drunk people. I miss my Canon at these occasions, it always managed to take great shots despite being handled by non-functional people... Oh well. I have taken a very random selection from a very bad collection of photos from Saturday. It was a great night, we danced until 6 in the morning, and I feel it was a perfect first party in a long row of parties in the ghetto. Let's not talk about my sad state all of the next day...
AnCa was there, of course.
Kathrine and Tobias.
And beautiful Jonas with his salafist-beard.

22 August 2014


On Monday, I had several meetings to go to in the city. The weather was misbehaving; every 15 minutes the rain poured down, so you had to be quick on going anywhere to not get caught in the showers. I guess after nearly a full summer of 30 degrees, there's just not more to give, and it's been autumn around here the last week with heavy wind, grey skies and chills.
I need to try this café soon. One of the great thing about moving back to Copenhagen is all the new places to discover!
I hid from the rain in Illum's department store. On the top floor, I had a flat white at Original Coffee where you can go out on a balcony with a mesmerizing view of Copenhagen's rooftops.
Flowers in rain.
After one of my meetings, I caught a glimpse of this old backyard.

At night, the sky cleared up, and I met up with AnCa and Kathrine at Falernum in Værnedamsvej. We had white wine, charcuterie and treated ourselves to a little Monday buzz.

17 August 2014


So, I've moved into Copenhagen. I've lived here for 10 days now and it feels great. I live with Kathrine, one of my best friends, and having her around is so much fun. Plus, having a city outside your door is wonderful after so many months in the north. I enjoy biking everywhere, listening to the noise of many people living in a tiny area, drinking great coffee, and having my friends close by. Now we just need the summer to stick around a little while longer!
Sleeping in my own bed again is amazing.
Kat and I celebrated our first night of living together on the balcony with takeout sushi and beers.
Last weekend, I hung out with AnCa by the lakes. We had beers and saw the sun go down over the beautiful houses on Nørre Søgade.
On Sunday, Amalie and I made a new friend. We visited Anna who just gave birth to little Esther, and we swooned over this new little lady in our lives. She fell asleep in my arms, and I think I melted a little bit. So cute.
I have photographed food a little bit; Kat made salade niçoise, and I've had lots of avocado on toast.
On Wednesday, I went out to Christianshavn to do an interview. Besides swooning over picturesque Christianshavn, I was high on interviewing as I often am. God, I love being a journalist!
Afterwards, I made a card for my mom and Henrik's wedding present.
I bought flowers for the kitchen table.
And I have watched the evening light play over the wall in my bedroom.