07 August 2014

In the city

I'm so behind on posting here! I have spent a little week in Jutland hanging out with my mom, her boyfriend and some of the brothers. I have also moved to Copenhagen and am finding myself in a very delightful constant state of utter happiness. But before all that, I met Chris and Iben for dinner at Dyrehaven. Some mandatory confirmation of that;
Iben looked great as always with her sunnies.
After dinner, Chris and I went up to her old apartment - so many memories from there! - and took funny photos.
I know her apartment so well since I've spent a lot of time there over the last few years. Now she lives in Stockholm, and her apartment is inhabited by her brothers. But it still feels like her place.
Two snippets from Elsinore where I went with AE after having spent an entire day cleaning our father's house. We treated ourselves to a bagel and a cake before leaving for Jutland.


Ellie said...

Oh gosh, you live in a picturesque city! I think every citizen must have a sore neck from staring up at all the buildings.

karen sofie said...

Ellie; Thank you! I think you're right. I have driven into things a few times on my bike because I'm looking up or taking a photo....