15 August 2014

A wedding

Yesterday, my mom married her man Henrik. We drove over from Copenhagen, the brothers, their girlfriends, and I, and it was a great morning. They married at city hall in Herning where they live (my mom moved there from Zealand a few years ago), and the whole thing was over before it had hardly begun. Nonetheless, we had a photo session, went home for some cake and champagne, and then the happy couple took off for their honeymoon in Amsterdam, and the rest of us drove back to Copenhagen. In two months there will be a bigger celebration.
My lovely mom pre-wedding with AE.
At city hall, we met up with my grandparents, one of the uncles, and two of Henrik's children.
Newlyweds! The room at city hall was most unphotogenic so we headed outside for a photosession.
Family, minus Henrik's last 2 kids. Yes, they both have 4 kids.....!
Naturally, we couldn't let the moment pass without one of our band photos.
However, we quickly broke out into a laugh. This picture really sums up our relationship, I think. My god, I love those boys.
My grandparents had come down from the north of Jutland, and one of my mom's brothers had come all the way from southern Zealand to be at the 8 minute wedding, only to hurry back for work.
Sølve and Fredericke.
Anders and Signe.
Niels Peter.
The wedding cake was cut.
Congratulations, mom and Henrik!


Becca Waterloo said...

i love how simple this wedding is. it's so how i want to do it myself!

karen sofie said...

Me too; just the closest people - but then I'd want a massive party afterwards ;)

Anna Vee said...

I love your Mom's dress! And the band photo! :)

karen sofie said...

Anna Vee; I'll let her know, she'll be happy to hear that :) And yes, we have a long tradition of doing the band photos, it's so much fun.