17 August 2014


So, I've moved into Copenhagen. I've lived here for 10 days now and it feels great. I live with Kathrine, one of my best friends, and having her around is so much fun. Plus, having a city outside your door is wonderful after so many months in the north. I enjoy biking everywhere, listening to the noise of many people living in a tiny area, drinking great coffee, and having my friends close by. Now we just need the summer to stick around a little while longer!
Sleeping in my own bed again is amazing.
Kat and I celebrated our first night of living together on the balcony with takeout sushi and beers.
Last weekend, I hung out with AnCa by the lakes. We had beers and saw the sun go down over the beautiful houses on Nørre Søgade.
On Sunday, Amalie and I made a new friend. We visited Anna who just gave birth to little Esther, and we swooned over this new little lady in our lives. She fell asleep in my arms, and I think I melted a little bit. So cute.
I have photographed food a little bit; Kat made salade niçoise, and I've had lots of avocado on toast.
On Wednesday, I went out to Christianshavn to do an interview. Besides swooning over picturesque Christianshavn, I was high on interviewing as I often am. God, I love being a journalist!
Afterwards, I made a card for my mom and Henrik's wedding present.
I bought flowers for the kitchen table.
And I have watched the evening light play over the wall in my bedroom.

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