10 August 2014

Jutland + Orø

While at my mom's, we took a few trips, painted the bathroom, ate food, watched films and hung out. It was just what I needed. We also went to the island of Orø where my uncle has a summerhouse with his family. They've built their own house and it was a day of sun, nature, good laughs and an insanely well-crafted burger (not photographed, though - I was busy indulging)!
There was a fleamarket in a barn somewhere between north and middle Jutland.
There was coffee and cake at a small place in Lundø - AE and Henrik looked skeptical but that was just in front of the camera...
The cakes were good, although the chocolate thrown over wasn't necessary.
At home, I made my usual avocado on bread.
My uncle's selfbuilt house in Orø was a dream.
On the grounds are also other houses belonging to my uncle's inlaws. They're all architects, so naturally the buildings are wonderful.
We went out to dip ourselves in the fjord and NP posed as the little mermaid...

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