22 August 2014


On Monday, I had several meetings to go to in the city. The weather was misbehaving; every 15 minutes the rain poured down, so you had to be quick on going anywhere to not get caught in the showers. I guess after nearly a full summer of 30 degrees, there's just not more to give, and it's been autumn around here the last week with heavy wind, grey skies and chills.
I need to try this café soon. One of the great thing about moving back to Copenhagen is all the new places to discover!
I hid from the rain in Illum's department store. On the top floor, I had a flat white at Original Coffee where you can go out on a balcony with a mesmerizing view of Copenhagen's rooftops.
Flowers in rain.
After one of my meetings, I caught a glimpse of this old backyard.

At night, the sky cleared up, and I met up with AnCa and Kathrine at Falernum in Værnedamsvej. We had white wine, charcuterie and treated ourselves to a little Monday buzz.


Deborah said...

Absolutely love your photos of CPH - you make it seems much more wonderful, than I sometimes feel it is :-) Thanks!

karen sofie said...

Oh thank you! I'm happy if I can inspire a little to go out and explore Copenhagen. Even in times where you don't find the city particularly appealing - because that happens :) Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!