29 August 2014

Trotting the streets

One of my absolute favourite things of moving back to Copenhagen is the endless possibilities of coffee dates. I have my best friends (almost all, anyways) within a few miles' radius, and spontaneity has never been better. I'm roaming around the city, taking it all back in, laughing over coffees and vibrating through the streets. Yesterday, the summer came back, and it was marvellous.
The other night, as I walked over to Tine's, the sun went down and coloured the streets in gold.
Another night, I found myself in Ahornsgade with AnCa.
Yesterday, I started the afternoon with Jonas. We had coffee at the square by Nørrebro Station. The coffee was awful and the place was noisy, but somehow it was just perfect.
Later, I headed down to Kaffebar (Elmegade 4, Nørrebro) with Kathrine. We had our flat white and americano to go.
It was so warm, so we sat down by the Lakes to soak up the sun and watch people drift by.
We took a walk around Peblinge Sø, and my favourite building on Nansensgade was caught in a surreal light.
After having crossed the hipster hangout Dronning Louises Bro, where I came across this wonderful bike, I biked to Vesterbro to sit on a doorstep for a few hours with Michelle. We haven't seen each other for two years (!), so I forgot all about taking photos. Come back to Copenhagen soon, Michelle!


Niken said...

i wish i could bike anywhere in the city i live in

karen sofie said...

Niken; It definitely has its upsides :)