27 August 2014

Crispy afternoons

I don't know if it's because I lived in Berlin last year where the summer extends all the way into the end of September, but I feel it's very suddenly autumn. It's still August, after all...! Nonetheless, I'm wearing my jacket and long sleeves when I go out, and the wind is chilly. I find myself constantly thinking that I should enjoy the afternoons outside because they won't be around for much longer now that winter's coming (!) Last week, I met with Christoffer for an afternoon coffee and a walk around the lakes. The day after, Kathrine and I went for a spontaneous trip to get ice cream on Stefansgade. But it was so cold when we sat down to eat it, that we hurried back home to the warmth.
Christoffer and I had coffee at Kaffebar on Elmegade (number 4). They use beans from Coffee Collective and I like the raw interior with bulbs, wood and iron.
The sky over the lakes was pretty creative. The wind on the other hand was brutal.
"Oh no, now people think I'm a pretentious blogger," Kathrine said as I took her picture. Well, I think she looks cool.
At Isværket (Stefansgade 15, Nørrebro), they had put bulbs directly on the table.
Oh bliss. This van made me think of Berlin and I had a few pangs of longing. It's good to know I can just go down to Nørrebroparken and see it whenever I miss Berlin.
I adore the facade of Osramhuset. The bulb! The font! The graphics.

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