28 February 2012

2802: Spring

It's officially spring in my head, and I can't believe how happy I am these days. It's almost ridiculous. Maybe it's this intense because I feel like I've been living in a gray bubble since I left Berlin, and now I'm finally poking my head up from the depths. Work is so much fun, the days are longer and full of light, and today I walked all the way home, the wind was warm, and I had beautiful tunes floating around in my ears. Happiness.
 My colleague put a banana peel on the floor yesterday making us walk around it all day - and then he ended up falling in it himself...
 This was standing on my desk when I came to work this morning.
 The orange french press we only use on occasions. One of them was today.
 Dirty keyboard.
 Walking home around Nørreport with spring breathing warm air over Copenhagen.

26 February 2012

Sunday of heaven

 Morning view
 We had surprise brunch for Kat
 It was good
 We went for a walk at Assistensen.
 It's spring!
 Better luck with the fastelavnsboller second time around.
 Anna fell asleep in the afternoon sun
 So Kat and I went for a second walk around the lakes. Just like every other Copenhagener today.
 A ritual with Kat
An evening catastrophe. Three girls = we had to call for help.

25 February 2012

Aalborg revisited

Went to Aalborg again yesterday. Last time was crazy (both my earlobe and dress was torn), but this time was a succes! It was so much fun, there was no drama, and I was still alive the next day. Greatness!

 A sweaty penguin tried to crawl into the fridge...
 We tried to make my favourite drink, Moscow Mule, but because of lack of ginger ale, we grated some ginger into the drink. Do not try this.

23 February 2012


I love this picture of Nørreport a hungover Sunday afternoon. No people, just lines and dim light.
 Walking home from work in sun.
 Coffee and chocolate mousse at Cille's in NV.
 Magazine night in the sofa.
New shoes.
 Quick Hellerup on the way to the north.
 Running sushi on family night.
 Japanese beauty.
 Monday soup with the interns at Soupanatural (Sankt Peders Stræde 31, Kbh K)
 Tuesday porridge with AnCa at Grød (Jægersborggade 50, Nørrebro)
Afternoon grapes with Anna watching 'Beverly Hills' in the sofa. Life.