28 February 2012

2802: Spring

It's officially spring in my head, and I can't believe how happy I am these days. It's almost ridiculous. Maybe it's this intense because I feel like I've been living in a gray bubble since I left Berlin, and now I'm finally poking my head up from the depths. Work is so much fun, the days are longer and full of light, and today I walked all the way home, the wind was warm, and I had beautiful tunes floating around in my ears. Happiness.
 My colleague put a banana peel on the floor yesterday making us walk around it all day - and then he ended up falling in it himself...
 This was standing on my desk when I came to work this morning.
 The orange french press we only use on occasions. One of them was today.
 Dirty keyboard.
 Walking home around Nørreport with spring breathing warm air over Copenhagen.


Karoline said...

I though I should let you know - I have given you a blog award :)


Marian N. Larsen said...

Jubiii - Forår! Og hey, arbejder du samme sted som Linda monstro?!

karen sofie said...

Karoline: Thank you, that's amazing! I'm very honoured :)

Marian: Nope, det gør jeg ikke :) Hvorfor tror du det?