04 February 2012

New in the white castle

 I wrote about my toilet after our housewarming. How people decorated the walls out there. Since then, several parties have made sure that the walls are beautiful and ever changing. I love waking up after a party, go out there and see what's new. I know who made some of the things, but mostly I have no idea who's behind the penises, the weird words and the tags...
We're borrowing the table from Kat while she's in Aarhus. It's so nice.
Yesterday we finally got light up in our little hallway. It's been sort of creepy coming home to an empty and dark house and having to go all the way into the living room to light up things. So now we have a very shiny light bulb just at the door!


Lou said...

Haha hvor fint med lidt lomme-poesi og tegninger på toilettet :)

- Lou

karen sofie said...

Oh yes, jeg elsker det!