01 February 2012


Today, I saw the best documentary I've seen since watching 'Small Town Ecstasy' about a father's relationship to his sons - and ecstasy. Tonight's film experience wasn't actually supposed to have happened to me as my ticket belonged to someone else. But in the last minute, Mette texted me asking me if I wanted to join her. So we squashed down in the red velvet seats in Grand and watched 'Testamentet'. I can hardly describe it, but it's about this guy having led an extreme life. His mother's family is very rich, but his upbringing has been full of let-downs, lies and greed. And now his rich grandfather is dead leaving a very generous inheritance to his poor, drug-addict grandchildren. Maybe. It's a whirlwind of insane characters you wouldn't have created better in feature films, and it's so gripping, surprising and horrifying. People cried, laughed, clapped and were left with their jaws lying on the floor. Afterwards, the director and the main character came on stage talking about the aftermath of the movie. That almost made as deep an impression as the movie. Wow. Go. Watch. It!
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