21 February 2012


The raw food 'movement' hasn't really been under my radar (I sort of find it a little ridiculous not eating food cooked over 42 degrees...) so it was something new to try when I went to SimpleRaw (Oehlenschlægersgade 12, Kbh V) with Bettina tonight.

 Decorated in light wood and with exposed bricks on the walls, there's a sharp atmosphere as soon as you enter.
The food was actually good - I had tabouleh with falafels - despite the 'cold factor'. It was quite expensive (I paid 180 kr for tabouleh, a smoothie and a little cake) but I enjoyed the food, the atmosphere, and of course the company.
Mmm... Raw food is OK, although I don't think I'll take part of a movement any time soon...

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