30 May 2013


As I am over 5000 kilometres away, I won't be going to Distortion this year. The festive street party in Copenhagen is magical, and last year was no exception. Thursday was Nørrebro with parties and crowds, and we ended up throwing a big party in the Castle. Wonderful. Friday was Vesterbro and the sky poured rain over everything so the festivity wasn't as magical and we sought refruge in a nearby apartment. Ah, Distortion. Hopefully I'll see you next year.

27 May 2013

Back to life

Finally! The assignment is sent off, and I have my freedom back. Coincidentally, after days and days of rain, the sun started shining again today. So I met Hui for brunch (which turned out to be lunch) at a very shabby, but fun little place in Plateau. We walked around and sat down at Arts Café back in Mile-End for a piece of cake, a coffee and some ginger lemonade. Wow, is it good to back to life!
 Love the colours on that house!

23 May 2013


Assignment brain. I don't take many pictures these days as I spend the hours in front of the screen, sipping coffee almost intravenously, running frantically around in my head, sleeping badly at night, trying not to think about failing. I can't wait to get back to Copenhagen. As someone who's never been homesick in my entire life, it's quite strange longing home like this. I usually never want to leave where I am, but although I've loved it in Montreal, I feel it's time to go back and start the next chapter. Can't wait to indulge in seeing friends and family, and Copenhagen.

20 May 2013

To market, to market

I'm knee deep in assignment hell, and so is Esben. So yesterday we joined forces hoping to get some work done. But we went to the Atwater food market instead to have Eastasian lunch at Satay Brothers and shop salmon for dinner. Esben is housesitting for Emélie and Kenneth while they're in Europe so we fired up the grill and sat on the porch working while the rain drizzled and the neighbours were having a (sober) party (we're in Montreal, not Denmark...) Assignment assignment, please write yourself!
Atwater Food Market, 138 Atwater Avenue, Saint-Henri
The food was great - we had Bun Vapeur which, apparently, is pork belly inside a puffy white bread thingy... And a rice/coconut dice for dessert.
Grill master.

19 May 2013


I'm working working working. My mind is panicking and thinking about the future. It's also Sunday. (The photo is from my living room in the white castle. It's still the best work station I've ever had. Miss that place.)

18 May 2013

On the other side of the tracks

My mind is acting weird these days. I don't feel quite myself, and to clear my head and try to escape the negative thoughts I went for a walk just as the afternoon passed on to night. I had music in my ears as I walked around looking at old factory buildings bathed in the most beautiful golden sunlight. It helped a little.

17 May 2013

New crush

Another music crush has entered my mind. MS MR; a big sound, like being inside a spacy bubble with greatness, good drums and a sharp voice. I'm convinced, and it's spinning endlessly in my ears. Plus, they remixed MØ, my other current music crush, and the combination of the two is magical.

16 May 2013

A short visit from the brown brother

One of my littlebrothers, NP - the brown brother (I call him that because he is  a l w a y s  tan) has been in Montreal the last few days. He's embarking on an Into the Wild Canadian Nature trip and Montreal was the first stop on his way. I dropped him off at the bus station this morning and he'll come back just before I leave the city in a few weeks. While he was here, we walked around, partied a little and had lots of good food - and good laughs as always.
 We went up on top of Mont Royal and had the best view of the city. We counted high rises and looked at clouds and had ice cream while the sun beamed down.
 At night we headed to Olli's for a last party. Olli went home to Copenhagen yesterday, and we sent him off right.
 Montreal was rainy and stormy yesterday so we went to the movies and saw 'The Great Gatsby'. Wow.
 After the movie we went to Lester's Deli for a smoked meat sandwich Montreal style. It was so incredibly good. The place was beautiful, it's been around for 60 years and is family owned. Very nice.
And so I sent the brown brother into the wild. Hope he gets back in one piece!