08 May 2013

Life in the heat

Montreal is a completely different city in summer. If I hadn't changed my ticket home I would have been in Denmark right now - and missed out on seeing the city change so drastically. Despite it being slightly too warm and humid for me, I'm enjoying life with the windows open, ice coffee and balcony time.
 I'm working on my assignment. Or at least trying to. Sort of...
 Last week I visited Maxime and Sophie at Moment Factory for lunch on the rooftop terrace there. Bliss.
I'm living almost exclusively on fruit at the moment. Fruit and ice coffee.
 I'm looking up all the time on the beautiful neon green trees.
 Yesterday, I met with Hui. The Canadiens were playing hockey, and every bar was blasting out the game.
We bought sodas and sat at the stairs of the church at Saint Viateur. Hui has just been on a roadtrip and she filled me in on her adventure while it grew dark. Later we took a walk around the block and discovered a little bar where you could buy pick'n'mix candy. A dangerous discovery...

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