20 May 2013

To market, to market

I'm knee deep in assignment hell, and so is Esben. So yesterday we joined forces hoping to get some work done. But we went to the Atwater food market instead to have Eastasian lunch at Satay Brothers and shop salmon for dinner. Esben is housesitting for Emélie and Kenneth while they're in Europe so we fired up the grill and sat on the porch working while the rain drizzled and the neighbours were having a (sober) party (we're in Montreal, not Denmark...) Assignment assignment, please write yourself!
Atwater Food Market, 138 Atwater Avenue, Saint-Henri
The food was great - we had Bun Vapeur which, apparently, is pork belly inside a puffy white bread thingy... And a rice/coconut dice for dessert.
Grill master.

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