05 May 2013

26 degrees

Today was a perfect Saturday. The air was warm, and the trees with the neon green leaves make me so happy it bubbles inside. I spent the day with Sophie; we walked around, had sushi and ice coffee on the balcony, and when Maxime stopped by spontaneously, we initiated a laughing contest, singing Céline Dion songs loudly, dancing and goofing around. Absolutely perfect.
 We went by Sophie's work, Moment Factory. The place is amazing; an old factory turned into a graphic design creative heaven. With a view, naturally.
I wore a paper bow.
 Montreal is a completely different city dressed in summer. I'm so happy I won't go home only thinking about this place as a snow hell.
 Roomies on a balcony.
 Homemade ice coffee. I'm officially addicted - which is probably not so good when I make it myself on the espresso machine in the kitchen...
Beautiful French people.
The leaves make Maxime's face look like a drawing!


miss swiss heidi said...

Happy you also got to see some spring time too :) It also took forever from spring to come to cph as well >.<

karen sofie said...

I would call it summer; today is going to be full on sun and 27 degrees! But yes, it's making me happy too :)
Hope all is well in Nørrebro!