23 May 2013


Assignment brain. I don't take many pictures these days as I spend the hours in front of the screen, sipping coffee almost intravenously, running frantically around in my head, sleeping badly at night, trying not to think about failing. I can't wait to get back to Copenhagen. As someone who's never been homesick in my entire life, it's quite strange longing home like this. I usually never want to leave where I am, but although I've loved it in Montreal, I feel it's time to go back and start the next chapter. Can't wait to indulge in seeing friends and family, and Copenhagen.


Cille said...

Selvom det nok ikke helt kan sammenlignes, arbejder min hjerne også på højtryk og afgangsprøverne rumsterer hele tiden rundt i mit hoved.
Jeg bliver så ængstelig hver gang jeg tænker på det - og jeg bliver noget så bange for, at jeg ikke lever op til mine egne forventninger.
Hvad er det egentlig du studerer?

karen sofie said...

Det kan sagtens sammenlignes - jeg sidder også og skriver opgaver. Er på sidste semester på Journalisthøjskolen, hvor jeg studerer journalistik.
Spændende med afgangsprøverne! Rigtig meget held og lykke og god karma herfra :) Det skal nok blive godt!

miss swiss heidi said...

Aww, hope that the heimweh isn't too bad.

I almost wonder if its just a readiness to move and have something different.
When I'm at home just for a visit, I normally end up feeling like, 'Ok this is enough of this', after a week >.< And then I get this feeling of being "stuck" on the continent without any options other than my booked flight.

Just hang in there a few more days. You're going to do fine in your courses and Copenhagen's sun is shining on the other side <3

karen sofie said...

It's OK, I think it's a good thing to miss home; makes you feel grateful for what and who you have to come home to :)

Haha, I totally know what you mean! I think that's called 'family' :)

Thanks for your sweet words, I really appreciate it :)