16 May 2013

A short visit from the brown brother

One of my littlebrothers, NP - the brown brother (I call him that because he is  a l w a y s  tan) has been in Montreal the last few days. He's embarking on an Into the Wild Canadian Nature trip and Montreal was the first stop on his way. I dropped him off at the bus station this morning and he'll come back just before I leave the city in a few weeks. While he was here, we walked around, partied a little and had lots of good food - and good laughs as always.
 We went up on top of Mont Royal and had the best view of the city. We counted high rises and looked at clouds and had ice cream while the sun beamed down.
 At night we headed to Olli's for a last party. Olli went home to Copenhagen yesterday, and we sent him off right.
 Montreal was rainy and stormy yesterday so we went to the movies and saw 'The Great Gatsby'. Wow.
 After the movie we went to Lester's Deli for a smoked meat sandwich Montreal style. It was so incredibly good. The place was beautiful, it's been around for 60 years and is family owned. Very nice.
And so I sent the brown brother into the wild. Hope he gets back in one piece!

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